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While the majority of Martin’s podcast appearances and the general content of Critical Response will be in German, some English shows invite Martin as well. Listed below is every podcast with Martin in English. Listen, enjoy and, as always, if you have any questions, or you’re interested in hosting a seminar, contact me.


Eine Debatte über die Bedeutung von Vertrauen im Selbstverteidigungstraining

Devils Advocat (4SD) EP 046

Martin VödischJan 23, 20211 min read
This was my second visit at Randy’s show. We debated, if trust in your coach is necessary in order to learn self-defence. Check out Randy King Live and his content.
Martin and Randy debating on the effectivness of sparring for self-defense.

Devils Advocate (4SD) EP 043

Martin VödischDec 18, 20201 min read
A great debate about the pros and cons of sparring for self-defense. Check out Randy King Live and his show.